About seca

why seca?

seca TRU is the result of many years of collaboration with medical experts and research in the field of body composition. Behind every measurement parameter is a validation against the medical gold standard, which is proven in a publicly available study. The results of studies with over 3,000 healthy subjects help you to assess the values.

The entire product design and user guidance of the seca TRU, with fixed grip positions on the railing, predefined foot positions and guided measurement using text and voice commands via the display, create reproducibility of the values collected and thus identical and comparable conditions for every measurement. Changes only show up when they truly exist. The cloud-based software developed by seca ensures that the data is secure and can be accessed at any time via a login - in the studio, at home and on the road. The simple operation and quickly understandable presentation of the measurement results make the software a valuable tool in any consultation. After the initial measurement, members can easily perform their follow-up measurements themselves.

For easier display of the values and their changes, there is the TRU BodyScore, which is integrated in the seca software. This shows the body composition at a glance. It evaluates muscle mass and body fat percentage so that your members can compare themselves with people of the same gender and age. To show progress and motivate members to keep working on themselves, there are badges from bronze to platinum, similar to the TRU BodyScore point system. This way, training successes are not only precisely measurable, but also comprehensible for every user. The results can also be shared directly from the software.

Integration Scope

  • master data is retrieved from Magicline. Thus, no need for you for manual entry or risk of false data
  • members are welcomed by name on the device
  • measurement data is available in Magicline in real-time
  • no need for you to interact with any new software

Core functionalities

Your members identify themselves via RFID reader on the seca TRU. The member's master data is pulled from the Magicline. After the complete measurement on the seca TRU, the results are sent to Magicline in real time, without any manual effort. The results are then available for evaluation in the Magicline.

Setting up the interface

  • Buy a seca TRU and indicate the Magicline integration
  • Our support team will create your tenant for our seca analytics 125 including the integration to Magicline
  • Mounting of seca TRU*
  • Connecting secaTRU to your network and allow internet connection over port 22020 for it so that it can be connected to seca’s cloud solution
  • Training by seca Software Application Specialist
  • You are ready to go

*Depending on the service you chose when purchasing the seca TRU, the seca service employee will take care of setting up and integrating the seca TRU into your network. If you have decided to take over these steps yourself, seca will provide you with detailed instructions.

Transfer of Data

All measurement results of the seca TRU are transferred to Magicline. Magicline will visualize the important parameters for your scenario.

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