milon CARE meets Magicline – user data synchronized and always up-to-date!

About milon

About milon

milon has been developing and manufacturing electronically controlled and intelligent exercise equipment for gyms and healthcare facilities around the world. From guided movement to free strength coordination, training on electronic equipment offers a permanently varied experience complete with control and smart management. It is suitable for all target groups - from members, patients to competitive athletes.

Scope of the integration

With our app, the connection between Magicline and milon CARE is seamless and without detours. Take advantage of both systems and make your studio even more attractive for members. Transfer user data from Magicline to milon CARE, use the studio's access tokens and see which members are currently on the training floor.

Core functionalities

  • Automatic transfer of user data from Magicline to milon CARE.
  • Use of the studio's access tokens to ensure that only authorized members enter the training area
  • Display of all members who are currently in the training area, even if they have never trained with milon CARE before

Setting up the interface

  • Activation of the app in Magicline
  • Release of data (all/only new) in Magicline
  • Waiting for release by milon Service
  • Data migration and doublet matching by milon Service
  • Confirmation of activation by milon Service
  • Use of milon CARE meets Magicline

transfer of data

During initial activation, the databases are synchronized, and in daily operation, newly created members or changes to existing members are transferred to CARE via a cloud-to-cloud interface. All transfers are encrypted.

Contact milon


  • E-mail:
  • Tel: 0700 / 22 55 64 42 or +49 8293 965 50 55

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