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About Calculate

CALCULATE develops digital health and nutrition concepts that can be easily integrated into existing member apps as a white label solution. As a studio operator, you can not only save effort with this automated solution, but also generate monthly recurring secondary revenues. CALCULATE thus enables an extended positioning as a health service provider.

Why Calculate

Integration Scope

The right nutrition, but also solving health issues, are the most important components to achieve physical and health goals in the long term. CALCULATE offers for this a solution and enables even end customers without knowledge to intuitively develop a sustainable feeling for a balanced diet, to integrate it in a way that is suitable for everyday life and to improve health challenges with the help of other features.

Core functionalities

individual nutrition & health concept per Knopfdruck

  • with consideration of food preferences, allergies and intolerances, other complaints, etc.
  • Shopping list, favorite recipes & food exchanger
  • evidence-based micronutrient recommendations for health improvement
  • implementation suitable for everyday life and sustainable routine building
  • Connection to wearables & gamification (coming soon)

What does the integration with Magicline look like?

To set up the interface with Magicline, we have created an integration guide (PDF). The title-labeled Calculate in-app software is placed behind a tile in the home screen (dashboard) of your app. Once set up, a member can both book and use the service via the app, as well as flexibly cancel it - without any personnel effort.

Contact Calculate

Samuel Zabel


Tel.: 0049 152 595 254 78

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