WFK Inkasso

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About WFK Inkasso

The law firm Dr. Wehler, Feist & Kollegen (WFK) has been successfully offering debt collection services as a focus of its legal support for more than 12 years.


As a law firm, WFK is also able to legally enforce outstanding claims in the event of disputes, which is unfortunately becoming increasingly common: expertise from a single source.

It could hardly be simpler: according to the motto "Everything is gone with one click", the member administration can transfer the outstanding debts to WFK Inkasso via the interface. This saves time, nerves and personnel capacity.

Benefits for you

  • Fast and uncomplicated transferral of your outstanding debts to WFK Inkasso.

  • Stringent legal debt collection: from out-of-court reminders and effective installment payment plans to the legal pursuit of outstanding debts and - if necessary - the execution of enforcement proceedings.

  • Collection tailored to your individual needs: the studio decides in advance whether and how to proceed in the event of unsuccessful out-of-court collection of outstanding debts - quickly and automatically.

  • In the event of successful out-of-court collection, WFK pays 100% of the claim asserted to its clients.

  • If non-payers subsequently become disputed claims ("legal cases"), the WFK lawyers take over the further out-of-court processing of these cases.

Most relevant functionalities

  • Everything taken care of with one click: the outstanding balances of defaulting members can simply be transferred directly from MagicLine to WFK.

  • The first reminder is sent to the debtor within 24 hours of transferring the outstanding amounts.

  • Transparency: Incoming payments are immediately reported back to the studio.

  • Seamless transition to the judicial dunning procedure.

  • Maximum support: Depending on the agreement, WFK also takes over the judicial realization of the transferred outstanding receivables for the studio - all from a single source.