Noventi myYolo

Unfortunately, the integration of Noventi myYolo isn't available for gyms located in your country () and therefore cannot be activated in the Magicline.

About Noventi myYolo

myYOLO is an innovative, cloud-based platform that has been specially developed for providers of rehabilitation sports, functional training, T-RENA & prevention courses to digitize and automate the administration and organization of these services. For customers, this means a considerable simplification of access to these health-promoting services, as myYOLO drastically reduces the administrative effort for providers. With myYOLO, providers can virtually eliminate paperwork by managing billing, groups (T-RENA, Rehasport) and prevention courses digitally, which in turn enables fast and efficient billing.


Billing with myYOLO is particularly customer-friendly. Customers benefit from transparent and efficient billing of their participation in rehabilitation sports and functional training courses. This also includes the billing of self-payer offers, T-RENA, additional contributions and the administration of prevention courses in accordance with §20, including all associated financial transactions.

For customers, using services based on myYOLO means less bureaucracy and more time for their health and rehabilitation. The digital signature function simplifies the registration process and all administrative procedures so that customers can enjoy their courses and training with minimal waiting times and without unnecessary paperwork.

Benefits for you

  • - Save time by automating data transfer and updating.

  • - Reduction of data entry errors through direct synchronization.

  • - Always up-to-date customer information in both systems without manual synchronization.

  • - Efficient data maintenance and management through seamless integration.

  • - Improved data integrity through automatic updates.

Most relevant functionalities

  • The integration between Magicline and myYOLO enables the automatic transfer and updating of customer master data. As soon as changes are made in Magicline, this data is automatically updated in myYOLO in real time. This process minimizes manual effort and guarantees that the information in both systems is always in sync and up-to-date, which greatly simplifies data integrity and management.