E-Mail Marketing

Unfortunately, the integration of E-Mail Marketing isn't available for gyms located in your country () and therefore cannot be activated in the Magicline.

About E-Mail Marketing

All communication channels come together within your Magicline and you always have a complete overview of your member communication. Thanks to the perfect integration, you can easily write to your members by email and simplify communication with the help of self-created templates.

Your members live digitally and so do your marketing campaigns from now on! Get started with email marketing now and send newsletters to your members with just a few clicks. Whether it's new customer offers for prospective members or win-back campaigns for former members - no problem.

Thinking of the most ingenious email campaigns and not sure how many members you're really reaching? We use state-of-the-art technology to track the entire history of your emails and provide you with information about which recipients have actually read your message. This allows you to evaluate your communication in a targeted manner and further optimize it for the next time.

Sending emails is no easy task for companies these days and can cause a lot of technical problems and cost a lot of money: evaluating automatic responses, setting spam filters, blacklists of email providers, new legal requirements for unsubscribing from email notifications, to name just a few examples. Don't feel like doing that? No problem! Magicline will take care of it so that you can concentrate on the essentials: Your members.

Benefits for you

  • All communication channels converge within Magicline

  • Overview of member communication is guaranteed.

  • Define rules for sending: appointment changes, rest period confirmations, welcome wishes or birthday emails

  • More time for other tasks thanks to automated dispatch

  • No missed messages for your members

  • No limits on the number of recipients

  • Professional platform for sending any number of emails

Most relevant functionalities

  • Use of self-created templates for simplified communication

  • Digitization of members and marketing campaigns

  • Tracking the progress of email campaigns

  • Measurement of messages read and targeted evaluation

  • Automation of email dispatch based on defined rules

  • Overcoming limitations of private email providers for recipient numbers