Unfortunately, the integration of doorsecure isn't available for gyms located in your country () and therefore cannot be activated in the Magicline.

About doorsecure

Discover the Doorsecure AiO, part of our Doorapi solution: a revolutionary access control system designed for simplicity and ease of use, perfect for both end customers and local installers. Its intuitive installation process makes it accessible for anyone looking for a dependable, all-in-one access solution.


Benefits for you

  • Support for RFID & QR codes

  • Remote control via any device with internet

  • Open for use by everyone. So both club owners and installers

  • No need for PC or Mac

  • Works with WiFi and wired internet

  • Compatible with all type of doors, gates, dispensing machines and more

Most relevant functionalities

  • Doorsecure AiO
    • Support for RFID, QR codes, and barcodes

    • Constant connection to our server for remote control over the internet, monitoring, maintenance, and updates

    • No need for a separate PC: the scanner is directly connected to the internet, both via WiFi and cable

    • Visual indicator for a valid check-in

    • Visual indicator for an invalid check-in

    • Waterproof

  • Doorapi
    • In combination with Doorapi, the Doorsecure AiO offers extensive seamless integration with magicline. It provides insights through the telemetry function. Adjustments such as custom opening hours can also be easily made. Doorapi is continuously improved overall and with new functionalities.