data nation

Unfortunately, the integration of data nation isn't available for gyms located in your country () and therefore cannot be activated in the Magicline.

About data nation

Automate your sales channel, gain maximum data transparency and increase your monthly net growth. data nation uses smart system solutions to ensure organic growth and increase your sales performance without being dependent on paid advertising! Fully automated and employee-independent. Generated prospects and recovered cancellations are entered directly into the Magicline management software via an API interface.

Benefits for you

  • Data-based workflows for acquiring new customers and winning back members

  • With more data transparency and additional dashboards, you can evaluate the performance of your studio in real time on any end device - right down to the level of the individual employee. Make the success of your measures measurable and find out how you can influence key KPIs to make each of your business measures measurable.

Most relevant functionalities

  • Automated recommendation system

  • Automated cancellation recovery

  • Automated lead processing

  • No effort for reporting thanks to automated data preparation and visualization in dashboards, available on cell phone, laptop or TV

  • Individual dashboards for customized insights (optional)

  • More structure and efficiency in everyday life thanks to the introduction of a project management system (optional)

  • Professional tool for processing prospective customers that simplifies and optimizes the sales process (optional)