Creditreform Debtcollection

Unfortunately, the integration of Creditreform Debtcollection isn't available for gyms located in your country () and therefore cannot be activated in the Magicline.

About Creditreform Debtcollection

- Intelligent debt collection brings more than just money -

More than 144 years of debt collection experience, cutting-edge creditworthiness data and innovative technologies form the formula for success for efficient and customer-oriented debt collection. At Creditreform, you will not only encounter digital technology and AI-controlled processes, but also experienced people who listen and with whom you can achieve your individual goals.

- The focus is on you -

For successful debt collection, Creditreform enters into dialog. With you, so that we understand your wishes. And with your members, so that we can offer good solutions and realistic payment methods. So you get your money and a valuable customer relationship at the same time.

- AI meets humanity -

Creditreform can do everything that digital technology and AI can do faster. But when it comes to recognizing your personal requirements, real people are the best dialogue partners. That's why we listen to you carefully and focus on your goals. This gives you the combination of service and advice that is optimal for your company. Creditreform also takes this individual approach to debt collection.

- Become part of the Creditrefom community -

With us, you are more than just a customer: as a member, you become part of the large Creditreform community with more than 162,000 member companies. As part of your Creditreform membership, we have tailor-made solutions for your debt collection requirements.


Creditreform membership may be a prerequisite for Creditreform to be able to work for you. If you are not yet a Creditreform member, Creditreform will recommend a contact person in your area to support you.

Benefits for you

  • Simple and fast commissioning of debt collection runs to Creditreform, directly from your MagicLine.

  • You can also transfer individual members to Creditreform for debt collection.

  • With notifications of payments and processing status, you always have a complete overview of your Creditreform files in your MagicLine.

Most relevant functionalities

  • Transfer collection runs and individual members directly to Creditreform.

  • Confirmation of payments for your transferred Creditreform files in your MagicLine.

  • Processing status and file closure at Creditreform are transferred to your MagicLine environment.