Business SMS

Unfortunately, the integration of Business SMS isn't available for gyms located in your country () and therefore cannot be activated in the Magicline.

About Business SMS

Despite all modern messengers, SMS is the most important communication channel for a reliable connection to your members. Regardless of device type, signal strength or spam filter, every text message finds its way quickly and is often read by the recipient within a few seconds. With an average read rate of 98%, SMS messages offer the optimal solution for all information that is guaranteed to reach your members directly.

We simply expand your communication center to include SMS messaging! You can keep an eye on all your member contacts and get started straight away without any configuration effort. The SMS option is activated for you in the notification rules, serial messages or individual messages sections.

Does a booked appointment need to be changed or even canceled? Then it is extremely important to inform participants directly and reliably so as not to upset them. It is also helpful to send an appointment reminder for important trial training sessions or contract consultations in order to increase the attendance rate. Call-back requests for interested parties or personal payment notices in the event of a chargeback are also perfect applications for SMS in your everyday studio life.

Benefits for you

  • Due to their high read rate and personal nature, SMS messages are the perfect addition to your marketing measures.

  • Every studio has different requirements and we offer you a suitable monthly package at fair conditions. Of course, you can cancel at any time on a monthly basis.

  • If your consumption exceeds the booked quota, you can continue to send messages and we will conveniently bill you per SMS.

Most relevant functionalities

  • Create a list of recipients and send a personalized text message with new offers in your studio.

  • The SMS service is based on a secure IT infrastructure "made in Germany" and guarantees secure delivery and high transmission speeds.

  • Thanks to our partner's many years of experience, there is almost complete compatibility with all mobile phone providers - worldwide!