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About GROUPFitnessmanager

If you're seeking a solution to streamline the management of your fitness courses and trainers, then the GROUPfitness Manager is the ideal software for you.


Time and Cost Savings: With our software, you can create course schedules in a few steps, optimize communication for trainer absences, and analyze important data such as course utilization, course costs, and trainer engagement. This means less administrative overhead and lower costs for your studio.

With the GROUPfitness Manager, you'll receive a tailored solution that optimizes your workflows, saves time and costs, and makes your studio successful. Let's work together to shape the future of your fitness courses!

Benefits for you

  • Easy Operation: Our user-friendly interface allows your team to easily learn and effectively use the software. Multilingual support and integrated online help provide additional assistance.

  • Flexibility and Scalability: The GROUPfitness Manager doesn't require complex software installation and offers web-based access. Our flexible licensing system adapts to your studio size, whether you operate a small studio or a large fitness chain.

  • Seamless Integration: Our software seamlessly communicates with other software solutions you use in your studio. This allows you to smoothly switch between different tools and applications.

  • Course schedules are created once and then automatically distributed across various channels, such as on the website, as downloadable PDFs, or on your in-house screens.

  • Easyer handling of vacancies: The sophisticated logic of the GROUPfitness Manager allows you to find a replacement trainer with just a few clicks if a trainer is absent. The entire process works automatically.

  • Know what´s going on: The GROUPfitness Manager offers detailed analysis capabilities. You have real-time access to key metrics such as trainer costs, course offering success, or even for quality assurance of your offerings.

  • With the GROUPfitness Manager, course registration for your members has never been easier. Our innovative system provides a seamless solution for course registration, reducing administrative overhead and offering your members a first-class experience.

Most relevant functionalities

  • Course schedule management

  • Vacancy management

  • Trainer management

  • Statistical analysis

  • Integration of the course schedule on the website

  • Member registration and waiting lists for members

  • PDF export of the course schedule

  • Digital signage for in-house displays