Unfortunately, the integration of cardioscan isn't available for gyms located in your country () and therefore cannot be activated in the Magicline.

About cardioscan

cardioscan relies on body data. Because this is the best guide for training, nutrition and regeneration. That is why cardioscan uses its systems to create individual recommendations from body data. Sports and health providers can use the intelligent diagnostic solutions to visualize internal values in a simple and understandable way.


The mescan

The mescan is cardioscan's groundbreaking diagnostic tool that analyzes the entire body in just 45 seconds. With precise measurements of heart rate variability, stress levels, body composition and metabolism, it provides essential information for customized training plans and recommendations. Discover how the mescan can optimize your gym or practice. Best of all, the mescan can be operated by your customers themselves. No appointments or staff are required.

The checkpoint

The best basis for professional support is the measured values of your own body. Because these determine the right intensity of training, the right diet and the right amount of regeneration. The 360-degree view of the cardioscan checkpoint is the perfect basis for this, as it combines all the necessary measurements and allows intelligent recommendations for action to emerge from the measurement results. If high-quality coaching for your customers is important to you, then the checkpoint is your ideal screening system.

Benefits for you

  • The interface transfers essential information for the perfect support of training customers and enables uncomplicated monetization of the mescan. Digital coaching with the mescan can be booked as an additional service within the membership and linked to the contract. Access control is carried out via the interface. The interaction between mescan and Magicline enables uncomplicated up-sell opportunities.

Most relevant functionalities

  • Integration into the Magicline software enables easy access to the measurement results. This makes customer consultation easy and convenient.

  • The measurement data is displayed in the cardioscan-typical design so that it is also easy to understand within Magicline.

  • This gives the trainer a quick and uncomplicated overview of the activities on the mescan.